American Football Legends League

Diamonds vs. The Hunters – Week 1 AFLL

In the Tony Dungy Division hall of famer Cris Carter of team Diamonds will try to outscore Dan Marino and The Hunters

Immortals vs. Heroes FC – Week 1 AFLL

Two of the most prolific pass-catchers ever showcase this nine o’clock meeting as the Jerry Rice led Immortals visit Tony Gonzalez and Heroes FC!

EOD Demo Gods vs. The GOATS – Week 1 AFLL

Who will strike first between Jim Thorpe Division rivals EOD Demo Gods and The GOATS?

Time Bandits vs. Fury – Week 1 AFLL

The dominant defense of the Fury try to break down the offensive line wall of the Time Bandits

Birds of Prey vs. The Originals – Week 1 AFLL

A fascinating meeting follows between two franchises owned by former NFL players! Super Bowl champ Lional Dalton and his Birds of Prey goes head to head with NFL Pro Bowler Walt Harris’ “The Originals”