Simon Le Clerc

Dr Simon Le Clerc MStJ (Lt Col Ret’d) comes to AO with a wealth of experience. As a 24-year UK Army Veteran and highly specialist Pre-hospital Trauma Doctor, he has spent much of his time serving on the front-line, leading and working with elite teams operating in expeditionary and special operations environments.

Simon is a visionary who is completely people-focused, recognizing the incredible human potential that lies within high-performers from all walks of life.

As a result, he tends to concentrate on the person behind the career,
rather than just the technical aspects of performance.

Dr Simon’s passion for supporting professional and elite athletes stemmed from his own journey. When severe combat-related Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder forced him to leave the military prematurely, he experienced the huge challenges (and dark despair), often associated with career-transition first-hand.

Having survived and successfully navigated his way through, Simon recognized the profound similarities between professional athletes and the elite soldiers, trying to come to terms with their future in a system that often just
doesn’t care.

Recognizing his drive, (and after having professional athletes from around the World insist on it!), Dr Simon established Player Support Services Ltd and made it his mission to ensure that current and former sportsmen and women are closely supported when their anxieties, self-doubt, personal lives, loss of identity and confidence become overwhelmed.

By helping players to explore their individual wants and needs, in a safe environment and in complete confidence over time, Dr Simon helps them to move beyond the ‘noise’ surrounding them and into a fulfilling life alongside and beyond sport.

Simon’s channel ‘Can You Hear Me Now? Helping Athletes Feel Human Again!” is devoted to supporting current and former professional athletes who might be struggling (often in silence) to find motivation and true fulfilment in their personal and professional lives alongside and beyond sport. He will be utilising interviews, podcasts, live webinars, specific training programs and much more to help his followers and clients.